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AIS Isolator Module

Product Features:

1. Mode of operation: Nonpolartwo-wire system
2. Quiescent current: <5.0mA
3. Operative current: >200mA
4. Operation indicator: Red (It is out in the normal monitoring status or remains lit in
the operation status)
5. Operating environment: Temperature: -10℃~50℃; relative humidity: ≤95%
(40℃±2℃, without condensation)
6. External dimensions: 86×86×40mm(with the base)
7. Weight: about 125g (with the base)

ANSORL short circuit isolators are used for the short circuit fault protection of buses.
When a bus circuit is operating normally, the short circuit isolator will not operate; when a short circuit fault occurs at a place at the output end of the short circuit isolator in the bus circuit (short-circuit current>200mA), the section suffering the short circuit fault will be cut off from the bus, thus ensuring the normal communication of the other sections of the bus.
Upon elimination of the short circuit fault, the short circuit isolator can automatically bring the isolated section into the system again. Ashort circuit isolator will make it convenient to confirm the location suffering a short circuit fault. The short circuit isolator does notneedcoding nor occupies the address in the bus circuit.


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