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AIO Input/Output Module

Product Features:

1. Mode of operation: Nonpolar two-wire system
2. Quiescent current: <0.6mA (power-down mode)
3. Action current: <10mA
4. Capacity of the output control contact: 2A@DC30V
5. Operation indicator: The inspection indicator will blink once about every 12 seconds in the inspection status or remain lit in the output status; the input indicator will remain lit in the feedback status.
6. Operating environment: Temperature: - 10℃ ~ 50 ; relative humidity: ≤95% ( ℃ 40 ±2 ℃ ℃, without condensation)
7. Terminal load: 47K resistance
8. External dimensions: 86×86×40(mm)
9. Weight: about 130g
10. Executive standard: EN54-18


The AS-AIO I/O module (AS-AIO module for short) is used with a two-bus linkage fire alarm control system. 

It is mainly used to realize an output control for fire linkage equipment (such as smoke dampers, blow valves and fire dampers) and receive the feedback signals of the fire linkage equipment so that a judgment on whether or not the fire linkage equipment is operating normally can be done.


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