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SCO601M 220V+9V Standalone Smoke/CO Detector


Working voltage : AC 220V, DC9V for electricity
static current: <20uA (DC9V)
alarm current: < 50mA (DC9V)
Alarm output : sound and light alarm
Alarm sound pressure: 85 db / 3 m
The sensitivity of carbon monoxide: 30 PPM, within 120 minutes not alarm; 50 PPM, alarm within 60-90
minutes;100 PPM,alarm within 10 to 40 minutes; 300 PPM, alarm in 3 minutes;
Smoke: 1% ~ 5% / FT OBS
Work environment : - 10 ℃ to + 50 ℃ (5% - 85% RH)
Product size Φ 130 * 45 mm
standard: CE&EN 14604 & RoHS

This product is a compound smoke and carbon monoxide detector, adopting photoelectric smoke detection and carbon monoxide high-performance electronic chemical sensor detection technology.It can real-time monitoring to detect the presence of smoke, detection of visible particles (smoldering fire) speed is quicker than the ionization smoke
detector, also can real-time detect carbon monoxide. It is high stability, low power consumption, low sensitivity drift, etc. Once detecting the fire danger and carbon monoxide , alarm immediately red LED indicator light flashing quickly, and alarm, timely remind you and your family.


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