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SSD221Y 10 Years Stand-Alone Smoke Detector


Power supply: 1PC 3V Cr17335 lithium battery
Alarm sound pressure: 80dB at 3m straight ahead
Battery life: 10 years
Working environment: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, <95% RH (no condensation)
Output method: sound and flash

Standalone photoelectric smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as detector) use high-performance ultra-low power consumption smart microprocessor working with the precise photoelectric sensor to process the collecting smoke concentration independently:Low-power consumption , stable performance, beautiful and durable casing. The smoke detector is powered by 1pc 3V CR17335 lithium battery, continuous for more than 10 years.This detector is widely used in internet bars, dancing halls, cafes, leisure rooms, residential areas etc.
The detector is not suitable in the following locations:
There is smoke under the normal circumstances.
The place is dusty,misty,greasy or have corrosive gas.
The relative humidity is more than 95% or the place is extremely cold or extremely hot.
●The ventilating speed is more than 5m /s


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