FSP1006 Gas Extinguishing Control Panel

Products Features

AS-FSP1006 is a conventional fire Fighting and detection control panell designed to meet all the requirements of EN54-2&4 Microprocessor-based conventional fire fighting & alarm control panel
4 Detection Zones Panel, 1 Fire Fighting Area, 20 to 32 Detectors per Zone
Relay output for fire condition, Relay output for double knock condition
Zones Fault LEDs indication, Status for all steps of fire fighting Fault Relay Output, Auxiliary Output for 28 Volts
Sound output for Alarm & firefighting Condition
Up to 8 repeaters can be connected to one panel
Switched mode power supply 24 V,3A with 2 battery chargers 12V
End of Line Status Detection, Short circuit /open circuit detection
Release switch for gas release, Manual automatic switch control
Hold Switch, Enable / Disable key switch



The automatic extinguisher control panel is designed in accordance with European standards EN54-2 and EN54-4 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems - Control and Indicating Equipment and EN12094-1 Fixed firefighting systems - Components for gas extinguishing systems - Part 1: Requirements and test methods for electrical automatic control and delay devices.

The control equipment is a combined fire alarm control panel and extinguishing system and has three detection zones, any or all of which are capable of contributing to the extinguishant release decision.

Control panels have an integral, mains powered battery charger and power supply designed in accordance with the requirements of EN54-4.

In addition to the requirements of EN54-2 the control panel has the following facilities:

Test condition to allow the automatic resetting of zones in alarm for testing purposes. EN54-2 Section 10 option with requirements

Delay of the actioning of fire alarm devices (sounders) so that an alarm may be verified before a premises is evacuated. EN54-2 Section 7.11 option with requirements.

Fire alarm devices to enable an audible warning to be sounded throughout premises upon the detection of a fire condition or the operation of a manual call point.  EN54-2 Section 7.8 option with requirements

In addition to the requirements of EN54-2, all control panels have voltage free relay contacts for fire and local fire which operate upon a fire condition. These are to be used for local control and signaling.

In addition to the requirements of EN12094-1 the control panel has the following facilities:

Delay of extinguishing signalof up to 60 seconds. EN12094-1 Section 4.17 option with requirements.

Signal representing the flow of extinguishing agentto indicate the released condition. EN12094-1 Section 4.18 option with requirements.

Monitoring of the status of components by way of a low pressure switch input.  EN12094-1 Section 4.19 option with requirements.

Emergency hold device to enable the extinguishant delay time to be extended. EN12094-1 Section 4.20 option with requirements.

Control of flooding time to deactivate the releasing output after a set period of time. EN12094-1 Section 4.21 option with requirements.

Manual only mode to disable the release of extinguishant via automatic detection devices. EN12094-1 Section 4.23 option with requirements.

Triggering of equipment outside the system by way of first and second stage contacts, extract fan output etc. EN12094-1 Section 4.26 option with requirements

Activation of alarm devices with different signals to indicate pre-discharge and released warnings using different sounds. EN12094-1 Section 4.30 option with requirements.


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