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E302-UV Explosion-Proof UV Flame Detector

Built-in 32-bit high-speed, low-power, high-performance, high-precision data processing chip. Adopt patented and fast response UV optical sensor. A small fire can be detected earlier. The detection distance is 35 meters (0.33m*0.33m*0.05m n-heptane fire). The perfect algorithm combines optimally the flame detection and false alarm capabilities. Detector is fit to a variety of fuels. Apply to heavy industry applications. Explosion-proof designs can be used in hazardous area of industrial sites. Low maintenance cost, easy to update and improve.


AS-E302-UV flame detector provide a new generation of fire detection capability and technical standards.

AS-E302-UV flame detector adopts a specially designed "Daylight-blind" UV photoelectric sensor, which is imported from Japan, the sensor spectral range is 185~260nm. It can effectively distinguish the real flame radiation and interference sources.

AS-E302-UV flame detector is built-in a 32-bit microprocessor and patented signal processing algorithm, it can detect flame signals quickly, reduce response time, increase detection accuracy, reduce false alarm rate.

AS-E302-UV flame detector maintains the performance of explosion-proof, protection, corrosion resistance.

AS-E302-UV flame detector is smaller, lighter, more convenient to install comparing to our old version detector.


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